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My story

I'm Anne. Ever since I was a child, I had the ability to sense atmospheres in rooms and the state of mind of others. I also discovered that I could feel other people's emotions. I looked straight 'through' others and cried away many of their tears, which they themselves would not allow to flow. I learned that everyone has their own process. And that sadness, and other painful emotions, among other things, bring us a lot in going through this process. The process towards more inner peace and awareness starts with feeling our emotions and associated physical sensations. If we consciously allow ourselves to feel these, we will be able to release / process the emotions and heal ourselves. In this way, we are able to come closer to our own core self and we can live from an inner sense of freedom.


A few years ago, during meditation, I received the message that I am a healer. A deep feeling inside me knew this was true, even though I didn't know where the message came from. About 3 years ago, I started giving our dog an intuitive healing. She was suffering from her hips and couldn't walk properly. I placed my hands on the back of her body for ten minutes and used the power of my hands and my conscious attention and pure intention to heal her. To my own amazement, she then hopped around the room as if nothing was bothering her anymore. Shortly after that I took a Reiki 1 class, where I discovered that I had been doing Reiki for a long time, without knowing so. I decided to sign up for the training of Energetic Therapist and already on the first day of the training I experienced that I am not only claircognizant and clairsentient, but that my clairvoyance is also developing. It immediately became visible that I receive information in various ways about the person or animal who receives a healing from me and that I can give energetic healings together with my guides.

Through various healers and complete strangers I got the message, time and time again, to spread my wings, a.k.a. to start my own healing practice. My healing qualities are opening up more every day and I will use those with love to support others. 

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