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Healing Therapies

Energy healing on a soul level
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Energetic healing

Based on your question I will work on the underlying causes of your feelings/blockages and feel where you need to receive healing. During an energetic healing I tune into the energy to see what you need at that moment. I use my cosmic connection and clairsentient, clairknowing and clairvoyance during the session.

for a 1 hour session
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TTC healing

In a Talking to the Chakras healing I let energy flow through your (energy) body, to reactivate your self-healing capacity, through physical and energetic touches. With this method, the wisdom of your own body brings the energy to the place where healing may take place, so that old traumas, emotions and stress leave the body. The healing also helps you to reconnect with the bodily sensations and your feelings and intuition.

for an 1,5 hours session

When is an energetic session for you?

The energetic sessions are both suitable for adults, babies and children (different prices).


The sessions are valuable in regards of the following experiences. Is your experience not listed below? Please get in touch with me to see how I can help you.

  • (chronic) physical pain

  • fears and insecurities

  • stress/anxiety

  • feeling of imbalance and/or restlessness

  • insomnia

  • lots of negative thoughts/being in your mind a lot

  • traumatic events

  • emotional problems

  • difficulties to connect with your feelings and emotions



1 on 1 guidance

€75,- for 60 minutes*

*can be spread out over different days/time periods

Do you feel the urge to talk to someone about your problems? Maybe you feel stuck and you don't really know why. Or you want to learn how to deal with your emotions or how to make a better connection with your body. Would you like to ask someone a number of questions that are keeping you busy? Are you having a hard time and could you use support to break out of your negative spiral? Someone with a loving approach, who listens to you without judgment and in confidence and helps you along in your process?

With all my love I will accompany you on your path to more awareness and healing. With me you will find a listening ear, you will receive tips & tricks, you will really be seen and heard, and together we will see what can help you at this moment. How we communicate is up to you. Call, text, send a voice message or email, it's all possible.


My story

About 3 years ago I intuitively gave our dog a healing. She was suffering from her hips a lot and couldn't walk properly. I placed my hands on the back of her body for ten minutes and used the power of my hands and my conscious attention and pure intention to heal her. To my amazement, she then hopped around the room as if nothing was bothering her anymore. Shortly after that I took a Reiki 1 class, where I discovered that I had been doing Reiki for a long time, without knowing so. I decided to sign up for the training of Energetic Therapist and already on the first day I experienced that I am not only claircognizant and clairsentient, but that my clairvoyance is also developing.


During the session I immediately felt the warmth and softness of Anne’s energy. Because of this feeling of security I could completely relax. What really surprised me was the feedback she gave afterwards. Everything, but truly everything, she felt was right and really recognizable for me. After the session I felt lighter, more loving and stronger in myself. Thank you Anne.


This was my first TTC healing. Anne takes time for you and is a great listener. I didn't know exactly what I could expect or feel. But in this first session I experienced a lot and I am very grateful for that. Already the next day I felt better and I also sleep better ever since. I will definitely come back soon!


I went to Anne for a TTC healing session. It was so incredibly special. It is really hard to describe, it's something you just have to experience! Anne is a wonderful healer. I instantly felt safe with her. She is sweet, thoughtful and has full focus for you and she is great at what she does.


What an amazing experience! Anne is sweet, calm and really takes her time with you. Now, about  a week after the session, I still feel calm and clear. It's a beautiful feeling of inner peace I am definitely in my own power again and will come back for sure! 



With a lot of love, I will walk with you for a while on your path towards more awareness and healing.


Van Lansbergestraat 43

2593 SB The Hague


Opening hours

Mon - Fri

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Betaald parkeren tussen 9 en 14 uur

Thanks for your message!

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