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Energy healing

My work as a healer is based on a holistic point of view. This means that I work with your emotional, physical and mental issues as well as with your energetic and spiritual layers, all of which are directly connected. In an energy healing the energies come back into motion, so it can positively influence all the others layers of our being.

Based on your question, I will look for the underlying causes and give your healing where needed. During an energetic healing I tune into the energy to see what you need at that moment. I connect chakras with each other, restore the energy flow in your body, cleanse your system of stress and old energy and I provide healing where it is needed.


During a healing you may feel physical sensations, such as warmth, cold or tingling feelings. Emotions can also arise or you can see colors. Each session is different for every client, depending on what you need at that moment. I will guide you through everything.

Keep in mind that you will benefit more if you do multiple sessions.

 Are you ready to dive even deeper during a session of 1,5 hours? Then choose a TTC Healing.

Curious how I can help you?

€85,- for a 1 hour session

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