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Do you feel the urge to talk to someone about your problems? Maybe you feel stuck and you don't really know why. Or you want to learn how to deal with your emotions or how to make a better connection with your body. Would you like to ask someone a number of questions that are keeping you busy? Are you having a hard time and could you use support to break out of your negative spiral? Someone with a loving approach, who listens to you without judgment and in confidence and helps you along in your process?

With all my love I will accompany you on your path to more awareness and healing. With me you will find a listening ear, you will receive tips & tricks, you will really be seen and heard, and together we will see what can help you at this moment.

Whatsapp, call or email
How we communicate is up to you. Call, text, voice memo or email. Or make a physical appointment, it's all possible.

€75 for 60 minutes*
*may be spread over different days/time periods

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