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TTC Healing

During a TTC Healing I let energy flow through your physical and energetic body. This energy clears blockages that it encounters from old traumas, suppressed emotions and stress. What I personally love about energetic healing therapy is that you don't have to relive an old trauma to let go of it. With TTC we use the wisdom of your body. Your body knows exactly where the blockages are stored, for example in which organs, chakras or muscles, and transfers the energy to those places to resolve the blockages. This method focuses on the connection between body and mind and helps you to get back in touch with your body. The emphasis is on feeling and releasing sensations in the body. Keep in mind that the benefits will be more visible if you do multiple sessions.

This form of healing is also very suitable for babies (from birth on) and children. The soft energy will dissolve energetic blockages within the body from birth trauma (premature birth, difficult birth, a lot of emotions from the mom around the birth passed on to the baby), excessive crying, unhealthy sleeping pattern, emotional issues, etcetera.

During a session you can feel physical sensations, such as warm, cold or tingling feelings. Also emotions can come up or your body will move to release the energy. Ofcourse I will guide you through the process. Is it one step to far for you that your body could make movements on its own? Then choose the energetic healing.


Curious how I can help you?

€125,- for 1,5 hours session

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